TextSpeech Pro - Professional Text to Speech Software, Proudly Awarded "The Best Text-to-Speech Software in the World"! ( - add to Favorites)

The power of spoken text.

The latest text to speech technology.

Let your computer read your books, documents, emails...anything with a choice of natural human voices!

The new state-of-the-art TextSpeech Pro Generation 2.0 (released Aug 26 2004)...

reads any document (PDF, MS Word, etc.) aloud

includes AT&T Natural Voices ™ - the best text-to-speech technology in the world! (as an included or optional component to the software)

includes AT&T Natural Voices ™ Rich for FREE! (NEW Special Offer)

has Microsoft (R) Outlook (TM) integration allowing it to read all the emails aloud

has an integrated Internet browser that allows the software to read any web page straight from its interface

supports speech breaks allowing the user to resume reading where they left off

easily converts documents to speech audio files

can set different voices (including AT&T (R) Natural Voices (TM)), voice speed, volume and quality on the fly

can convert any copied text to speech

can tune the voices and the computer pronunciation with the advanced XML support

can save the spoken documents to a custom document type with all your voice setting saved

and much, much more...

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Review the new Generation 2.0 core features compared to a regular text to speech software:

yes (feature available)
no (feature not available or not fully supported)


Software Feature TextSpeech Pro Deluxe Other Leading Product
converts typed text to generic robotic speech yes yes
AT&T Natural Voices (world's best) included yes no
converts to speech and opens most document types (incl. PDF, MS Word, HTML) yes no
browses and reads web pages aloud yes no
extracts and reads emails aloud yes no
supports bookmarks (speech breaks) yes no
special support for impaired customers yes no
can save voice and bookmark settings to documents yes no
controls the speech conversion of copied text yes no
remebers where reading was last stopped and can resume from there yes no
24-hour support yes no

TextSpeech Pro is professional text to speech software of unmatched quality and functionalities. The software utilizes professional and advanced functions unavailable with other vendors.

It is perfect for all personal and business text to speech needs like having the computer read your e-books, documents, web pages, news, emails, converting the generated speech to audio files and playing them back and more. It can read and speak all most common document types like text, PDF, MS Word, RTF (rich text format) documents, web documents (HTML, XML, etc.) and others.

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The application includes a special MS Outlook integration and the email messages can read directly from the software interface.

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    The new TextSpeech Pro Generation 2.0 comes with an integrated web browser allowing it to read the web pages straight from its interface.

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The applications has an advanced multi-document structure and every document can be saved with the specified settings like voice type, volume, speed, audio format, etc., to a special TextSpeech Pro file format. This makes the audio settings stamped to the file and then implemented when opening the file with the application.

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    The speech can be exported to a WAV file and alternatively TextSpeech Pro can speak WAV files like an audio player.

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The application can be minimized to the system tray and basic voice functions can be implemented from the tray icon making it convenient when working with many documents and applications.

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    TextSpeech Pro Clipboard function is another useful functionality that allows automatic transferring of text to the application when text is copied. It can be turned on/off and set to activate for only certain character length of the copied text.

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TextSpeech Pro supports XML (for advanced users) giving you a powerful tool to tune and manipulate the text to speech engine voices.      

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